Upcoming event: “The Real Estate Vindication in the Republic of Armenia”

On June 30, 2023, a scientific round table on the theme “The Real Estate Vindication in the Republic of Armenia”, organized by Law Institute “M-Logos” together with LAWSUIT LLC, with the support of a Ter-Tachatyan law firm, will be held.

The main topics for discussion at the forthcoming scientific round table are:

  • subjective integrity of the purchaser as a ground for refusal of vindication,
  • the purchase acquisition as a ground for vindication refusal,
  • perception of the attrition factor of the property owner “at his/her will”,
  • the “fate” of ownership in a situation where conditions exist to protect the bona fide purchaser of things,
  • the lawfulness of the extension of the application of a conviction judgement to third parties,
  • the ratio of vindication and “fan” restitution,
  • the act of vindication of immovable property rights in the registration of ownership of the owning thing by the defendant,
  • the advisability of applying the statute of limitations to vindication,
  • the difference between vindicative and non-litigation.

To familiarize with the program, information about the speakers, the place and time of the event, you need to go under the following link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16VozYWl_7eGgO9EDe8o-ePdCTzOmHpfS/edit

It should also be noted that participation in the scientific round table supposes pre-registration, the form of which can also be found under the previous link.

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