Comparitive guides 2023 (IP)-Legal 500

Exciting news in the field of intellectual property! The Legal-500 has recently released its much-anticipated guide on IP, and we are proud to announce that Annie Davtian, the esteemed managing partner of our company, was the author of the guide on Armenian legislation.

The Legal-500 guide is considered a pinnacle source of information for legal professionals worldwide, providing critical insights into legislation, important updates, key players, and notable cases within various legal domains. With the release of this new IP guide, Legal-500 recognizes the significance of intellectual property and its impact on businesses and individuals worldwide.

Intellectual property has become increasingly vital in the modern era, where innovation and creativity thrive, and the protection of original ideas, inventions, and works of art is paramount. As such, having a comprehensive and up-to-date guide specifically dedicated to IP laws in Armenia is truly invaluable.

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