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Our law firm is ready to share the news about the beginning of activities in a new direction entitled “Reputation management” which includes “Compliance” and “Sanctions Law” services. Detailed information on these services will be provided in subsequent publications.  Reputation Management represents a new niche in the market of legal services and combines such areas...
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2022 marked the designation of the Republic of Armenia as one of the most attractive competences for the development of high-tech business in the post-Soviet area. This circumstance is arising from the implementation of state support in the sphere of information technologies, especially the provision of tax incentives: Profit tax — 0% (total rate 18%),...
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Does musician contact each radio station to give permission to use? Or what is a collective rights management organization? Individual management of copyright and related rights holders is difficult or impossible today. It is difficult to imagine a situation in which, for example, a musician must contact each radio station in order to give permission...
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Dear colleagues, On 13 September, at 00:005, Azerbaijani troops began intensive shelling of Armenian positions with artillery, UAV and large-caliber guns in the direction of Syunik, Vayots Dzor, Gegharkunik (Jermuk, Vardenis, Goris, numerous villages of these communities) of officially recognized territory of the Republic of Armenia, thereby violating the territorial integrity and inviolability of the...
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Chapter I. Come to Armenia Aliens enter the Republic of Armenia through checkpoints at the State border on the basis of a valid passport, entry visa or document certifying the status of residence, and the authorizations of the State administration body exercising border control authorized by the Government of the Republic of Armenia. 1. ENTRY...
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The growing interest in intellectual property and information technology has affected the spheresof life in various ways, notably through changes in legislation, both international and domestic.The Republic of Armenia is no exception. Moreover, the adoption of the RA Law ‘On Patents’in 2021 made the Republic of Armenia the second state after the USA to secure...
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