Digital law

Digital Law

Legal support for digital projects.
We provide services for IT companies, Internet projects and startups.


We regularly advise on

  1. Agency Agreements
  2. Custom Software Development Contracts
  3. Contracts with Developers and Performers
  4. Internet Project Documentation Packages
  5. Full Package of Documents for Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy
  6. Legal Analysis of the Internet Project
  7. Big Data Transfer Agreements
  8. Contracts for Online Stores (E-commerce)
  9. Digital marketing contracts (SEO, SMM, Advertising Services)
  10. Business Model and Business Plan Development
  11. Legal Risks Assessment in a Business Scheme and Effective Model Proposal
  12. Subscriber Services
  13. Company Registration with the Most Optimal Legal Form
  14. Investment Agreements
  15. Corporate Agreements
  16. Legal support of negotiations with investor
  17. Site Legal Audit for Content Compliance with Legal Requirements
  18. Removing Defamatory and “Fake” Information from the Internet
  19. Work under the Law “Right to Be Forgotten”
  20. Legal Representation



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