IP in music industry

Intellectual property, or IP, is a crucial aspect of the music industry. As a law firm that specializes in intellectual property, we understand the importance of protecting and defending the IP rights of music artists, producers, songwriters, and others who contribute to the art form. Music is an incredibly complex industry, with numerous moving parts […]

Upcoming event: “The Real Estate Vindication in the Republic of Armenia”

On June 30, 2023, a scientific round table on the theme “The Real Estate Vindication in the Republic of Armenia”, organized by Law Institute “M-Logos” together with LAWSUIT LLC, with the support of a Ter-Tachatyan law firm, will be held. The main topics for discussion at the forthcoming scientific round table are: To familiarize with […]

All about Trademarks

Your brand is the most valuable asset of your business, and protecting it is crucial for your success in today’s competitive market. One way to protect your brand is through trademark registration. In Armenia, trademarks are protected by the Law on Trademarks. This guide will provide you with comprehensive information about trademark law in Armenia […]

Counterfeiting in the fashion industry

Counterfeiting in the fashion industry remains a significant problem, not only for brands but also for consumers. The production and distribution of counterfeit fashion products, including clothing, shoes, and accessories, have a tremendous negative impact on the industry. As a law firm specializing in intellectual property services in the fashion industry, we are committed to […]

Fashion business

Fashion is a booming industry that is constantly evolving and changing with the trends. From haute couture fashion houses to fast-fashion retailers, the business of fashion is big and complex. However, with complexity comes legal issues and challenges. In this article, we will explore the legal issues and challenges facing fashion businesses, and how a […]


In today’s world, Intellectual Property (IP) has become a significant issue for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Intellectual Property refers to the intangible assets that a business owns, such as inventions, trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. These assets can be an essential factor in the success of SMEs. However, many SMEs do not realize […]

IP global forum

On April 29 2023 was held IP Global Forum dedicated to the Intellectual Property Day. IP Global Forum was organised by Association of Intellectual Property Lawyers of Armenia. The association was founded by Annie Davtian, who is also CEO of the “LAWSUIT” LLC. Association was founded in 2021, and the main purpose of the association […]

How entrepreneurs from Russia confirm capital for foreign banks

Managing Partner and Head of Sanctions Law & Compliance shared her expert opinion on the current conditions for due diligence of a client and what methods are currently available for this More details at the link: and also in PDF format for download:

Sanctions regulation update

This report was compiled in order to clarify the current sanctions restrictions in various areas, in order to clarify the ways to mitigate sanctions and the role of a lawyer in checking the sanctions regime of various businesses. To read the report, follow the link

The copyright infringement dispute is being considered in the Court of Appeal

On March 22, 2019, the Central Bank issued the ‘Galust Gulbenkian-150’ golden coin, on the obverseand reverse of which the works of sculptor Ferdinand Arakelyan are depicted. The authors of the coinsketches were named Harutyun Samuelyan (obverse) and Vardan Vardanyan (reverse).The widow and heir of Ferdinand Arakelyan, Hasmik Yeghiazaryan in attempt to protect her husband’scopyright, […]