Intellectual property law

Effective protection for intellectual property and data of the business. Representing client’s interests before patent, customs, antitrust, state authorities and in courts. Our lawyers are engaged in the work of the intellectual property commission at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

  1. Trademark and design registration filings
  2. Intellectual property licences
  3. Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting strategies development and implementation
  4. Copyright and full IP rights clearances of brand’s materials to be included in TV programs, films, websites or other media and advertising
  5. Trademark and design revocation proceedings
  6. Protection in cases of infringement of intellectual property rights
  7. Intellectual property assignment and joint ventures registration involving it
  8. IP litigation including patent, copyright, design right and trademark issues
  9. Due diligence in respect to intellectual property, contractual documentation preparation, representing the client’s interest in business negotiations and transactions

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    Business and corporate law

    Legal support for businesses, digital projects, IT companies and startups. Our team provides judicial protection and solutions to all legal issues that a company faces during its operation.

    1. Custom software documents preparation
    2. Internet project legal audit
    3. Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy documents preparation
    4. Big Data transfer agreements preparation
    5. E-commerce and online stores contracts preparation
    6. Business Model and Business Plan Development with legal risks assessment
    7. Subscription business model services
    8. Investment and corporate agreements preparation
    9. Legal support in negotiations with investors
    10. Commercial contracts preparation and legal assessment, client representation during business negotiations
    11. Legal audit of existing contracts of the company, obligations, assessment of the agreement’s conditions, its validation and risks
    12. Assessment of antitrust aspects and risks in contractual relationships
    13. Brand’s website and social media legal audit for content compliance and following legal requirements
    14. Removing Defamatory and «Fake» Information from the Internet
    15. Working under the Law “Right to Be Forgotten”
    16. Company Registration with optimal legal form
    17. General contracts and agreements preparation with agencies, developers and vendors

    Sanctions practice and compliance

    The practice includes full-spectrum of legal counseling or compliance aiming to support Russian and foreign businesses that are under sanctions.

    1. Consultations on sectoral sanctions
    2. Identification of sanctioned persons, including cases of indirect participation, taking into account the «50 percent rule»
    3. Preparation of sanctions policies for various industries
    4. Checking contracts and agreements in terms of sanctions regulation
    5. Company or private person preparation for force-majeure clauses under sanctions
    6. Preparation of legal opinions on sanctions regulation
    7. Preparation of documents for compliance procedures in European banks
    8. Audit and verification of the client profile in the international database World-Check
    9. Legal support for the process of making adjustments in the international database World-Check (work to exclude politically exposed person or “PEP” statuses, communication with PEP, offshore, reputation, sanctions)

    Reputation Management and Defamation

    Practice combines reputation protection in online & offline media, crisis management, assets tax structuring personal data protection and other areas:

    1. Media crisis assessment, legal strategy development and implementation to restore the reputation of the principal
    2. Organizing the preparation of linguistic opinions in court
    3. Representing client’s interests in court
    4. Interaction with Yandex and Google search engines on the removal of defamatory information from public access
    5. Preventive reputation management strategy development and implementation

    Litigation and dispute resolution

    Resolution of litigations and alternative disputes areas:

      1. Corporate
      2. Arbitration
      3. Tax investigations
      4. Competition law
      5. Construction, engineering and real estate
      6. Intellectual property: civil, administrative and criminal protection
      7. Disputes with state and governmental bodies in Armenia, XXX countries
      8. Private matter

    Fashion Law

    First law firm in Armenia specialising in fashion and retail law providing legal counselling on all aspects of product’s lifecycle:

    1. Corporate and business transactions, M&A, factoring
    2. Intellectual property: trademark, copyright, patent strategies, development and protection
    3. Complex licensing
    4. Distribution and franchising
    5. Strategic partnerships and outsourcing
    6. Data protection in Internet, e-commerce and social media
    7. Labour law
    8. Real estate leasing
    9. Regulatory and competition

    TAX & financial management

    Proactive management of finances, tax liability and bookkeeping:

    1. Financial management and bookkeeping
    2. Payroll management
    3. Accounting and tax reports preparation and submission
    4. Business and individual tax structuring
    5. Real estate tax management
    6. Accounting software consulting