Legal structure and protection for the startup at an early-stage is critical. We help to secure your rights and your co-founders', establish the right relationship between you and investors.
Developing and implementing proper corporate governance is vital especially if the company aims to expand globally. We provide full legal counseling for companies entering US or European markets including registration of the legal entity.

Lawsuit Law Firm supports founders in finding proper investors for the startup with our exceptional network. Our team of skilled lawyers is well-equipped to provide comprehensive support to entrepreneurs throughout every stage of their startup lifecycle. From establishing your new business and safeguarding your brand to addressing day-to-day legal matters and ensuring efficient management.

Our lawyers provide support in:

  1. Supporting you during investors negotiations
  2. Structuring the ownership of your business
  3. Organizing your company’s equity
  4. Registration of the legal entity abroad
  5. Developing an intellectual property strategy
  6. Offering insights on commercial and corporate law matters
  7. Resolving disputes between founders and other companies